Tripod Turnstile TRI311F

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Tripod Turnstile MSS-TRI311F

* Power voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
* Work movement: Germany technology electromagnetic valve
* In-built hydraulic shock absorber
* Main-board voltage: 12V DC
* Passage Width: 550mm
* Passing speed in normally open mode: 30~40 persons/min
* Passing speed in normally closed mode: 25~30 persons/min
* Time of opening / closing: 0.2 seconds
* The time required to running state after power on: 5 seconds
* MTBF (MCBF): not less than 10 million
* Operation temperature: -10℃ ~ 70℃
* Relative humidity: ≤90% not condensed
* Operation environment: Indoor or Outdoor
* Input port: relay dry contact signal; +12V level signal and pulse width >100ms, DC12V pulse signal

* Framework: 304# Stainless Steel(default), 316# Stainless Steel or Paint (optional)
* Two option: Semi-auto or Full-auto
* Thickness of ply: 1.3mm (default)
* Finish: ① stainless steel surface: brushed surface, polishing surface (default) or anti-fingerprint surface (optional); ② painted surface: any color surface or anti-fingerprint surface (optional)
* Dimension(L*W*H): 1200mm*280mm*990mm (default)
* Arm material: Steel
* Arm length: 500mm
* Arm diameter: 38mm
* The maximum tolerance of the pole: 80Kg
* Working driving force of the pole: max. 3Kg
* Net weight: Max. 45KG
* Read facilities mounting: may be mounted on the surface of turnstile, or flush mounted, or rack mounted.
* There is an output to interlock the read facilities.

Product of MARC Corp. Made in Singapore.