UHF870 Long Range Card Reader

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UHF870 Long Range Card Reader


* Frequency: 865-868 Mhz (EU) & 902-928 Mhz (USA).

* Read RFID ISO 18000-6C, EPC Glass 1 Gen2.

* Range read: 5 metres max.

* Built-in antenna internal. Support 01 antenna external.

* Connect: Wiegand 26 bits, RS232, RS485.

* Light: Red, Blue.

* Application: Car parking; Product mangement; Logistic mangement; Warehouse mangement,….

UHF870 is a whole solution package for long distance (UHF EPC RFID) Reader.  Support with ISO18000-C class one generation 2, the frequency range between 840 to 960 MHz.  This new all-in-one design has bulit-in polarized antenna and combine with UHF Tag, the reading distance performance will be up to 5 meters maximum distance.

UHF870 have 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs controlled with two types of interface, which is RS232/RS485 and Wiegand/RS232 models.  It is suitable for many applications, such as assests tracking, access control, parking management, logistics management and more.

* Made by Giga-TMS. Origin of Taiwan. Warranty 01 year.